/ 2800 DWT Coaster

2800 DWT Coaster

JPP Marine offers a new, modern, innovative, equipped with all required systems 2800 DWT coasters.

Single propeller, diesel-engine driven multi-purpose cargo vessel with a main deck, fixed forecastle and raised deck in aft body area, square stern, stern with the option for the bulb, bow thruster and wind tanks in the area of cargo hold. The vessel?s engine room and all accommodation including Navigation Bridge are to be located aft.

The vessel will have a fixed building height of 9.70 m above base. On this account all parts of the vessel reaching beyond this line will be constructed in a lowering or demountable fashion. The wheelhouse is lift able by the hydraulic unit and the masts are hydraulically hinged.

The hold in the area of the hatch is to be built in a box-shaped as far as possible. It is so prepared for: bulk goods, grain, timber, cellulose, steel coils, construction parts, containers and dangerous goods.

Service speed at design draft and at normal continuous Engine Output ( 1,382 KW at 90% MCR with 10% Sea Margin ) shall be about 12.3 Knots with consumption 6.6 t of MGO/day.

Cruising range at 90 % MCR and 12.5 knots: approx. 4,800 nautical miles.